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We do remanufacture ford light control module for Crown vic and Mercury Grand Marquis if you having any of those problems we can help
   Headlights turn off by themselves and or later turn back on and repeat, or just stay off
  Turn signals not working properly
Dome light
Instrument cluster or dash light

This is a very common failure for following car
Ford Crown Victoria
Mercury Grand Marquis

Part # for all the LCM

F5AZ-13C788-A                                              F6AZ-13C788-AE                                     F6AZ-13C788-AE

F8AZ-13C788-Bb                                             XW7T-13C788-AA                                    XW7T-13C788-BA

YW7T-13C788-AA                                           YW7Z-13C788-BA                                    YW7Z-13C788-BB

1W7Z-13C788-BB                                           3W7Z-13C788-AA, BB                           4W7Z-13C788-AA, BB

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