Mileage Correction

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Odometer Repair
Repair for Instrument Clusters
In addition to our specialization of speedometer repair and variety of instrument cluster repair services, Sayo Speedometers can also help correct problems with your car’s odometer and mileage recording.

Is your odometer faulty or not recording the correct amount of mileage that your car is currently driving? If so, you may be in need of our mileage correction services. Mileage correction becomes necessary when the electronic mileage display shows a mileage which you know to be incorrect. We can help by electronically correcting the instrument cluster to show the true correct mileage.
The need for mileage adjustment can be for various reasons. For example, this may be caused by a complete failure of the existing unit or other electrical causes.

  • As the mileage is stored inside the cluster, installing a new cluster will be displaying the wrong mileage!.
  • Some vehicles can simply be adjusted via the OBD port, but some others have to be programmed on the bench.
  • Here at Sayo Speedometers we use the latest equipment and cover 90% of vehicles. We guarantee all of our services and are sure that our qualified technicians will be able to fix most of your problems. If you’re in need of anything from Chevy instrument cluster repair to a mileage correction in your VW, we can help you – contact us today.
$150 to set your odometer
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